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6.11.2020: Porch Party Perfect with The Grey House!
The New Happy Hour
Summer entertaining might be a bit different this year and the team at The Grey House wants to make sure you have all the essentials for your physical, but not social distancing, gatherings. We have a few tips and tricks to make sure you are ready to host your next porch party! 

TGH checklist for your next outdoor gathering: 

  • Create a space for each group to gather and mix and match your bar and tableware for a unique touch
  • No need to play bartender, rather use mini bottles - this will add a nice twist and a little personality to each tablescape
  • Bring out your beautiful serving plates and create individual place settings for each guest so there is no need for sharing utensils or dinnerware pieces 
  • Pop the bubbly, have fun and remember that while this summer might feel different, many memories, laughs, and milestones can still be celebrated and enjoyed with close friends and family
Visit us and we can help you get ready for your Porch Party!