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6.26.20: Enhance your possibilities....create, update and renovate
No one is used to living at home for 24 hours a day but living with the coronavirus has had many of us experiencing just that and it is clear that people are beginning to understand the importance of good design at home. Here at The Grey House, we believe that everyone needs to have a place that makes them feel good, comfortable, and has a sense of belonging and wellness in their home. Think, Create - Update - Renovate!
  • Create- new spaces that were neglected or need to be repurposed, like that reading nook you always wanted
  • Update- with a much needed new sofa, rug or new wall art - we've included some inspiration below
  • Renovate - knock through walls or build walls to give you more space or more privacy for your new office now that you will be working from home more often.

Our advice at The Grey House is to size the opportunity of a slow summer season when you may have fewer visitors to make your home a reflection of you!

Lo Forti Fine Prints is a new featured artist to The Grey House. We had the pleasure of meeting the father and son duo a few years ago. We were immediately drawn to the hand-colored prints and the many ways we could customize the prints. The selection in our store has been hand-picked and designed for us. We selected the prints, matting, frame, and even discussed where the silver leafing should be placed to create a series of contemporary and chic prints. Come see these beautiful prints in-person! 
515 Route 28, Harwich Port, Ma 02646